Tuesday Night Dinners


About this ministry...

Rain, shine, or scorching heat, dinner is served every Tuesday night at 6 pm sharp.  We serve a hot meal and provide fellowship to about 200 people.

Many generous hands are needed in several different areas to make this ministry run. 

Tuesday Night Dinner preparations happen every Monday through Wednesday.  If you have interest in serving in any way please contact Karen Gallington at info@liftbakersfield.com

In the kitchen on Tuesdays, we need volunteers starting between 11am and 1pm to help with the meal preparations and kitchen clean up.

We need help loading the trailer with all the awesome food.  Its a heavy lift so strong backs are a plus!

Line servers and loving disciples are needed on location during the meal.  If you are interested in serving food, sharing the gospel, or simply donating a hug, Tuesday Night Dinner is the place to be.

Clean up! Around 7pm every Tuesday we need help breaking down the tables, chairs and general clean up.  Many hands make light work, and we could use yours!

Don't forget about Wednesday Dish Day!  Valley Baptist - Olive Drive generously allows us use of their commercial dish-washing system. With a team of 2 people it takes less than an hour to complete the job. Someone out there feels called to do dishes.  Is it you?

Thank you for your interest, prayers, and support of LiFT Bakersfield's Tuesday Night Dinner ministry.


Food items that we need:

  • Del Monte Sliced Peaches or Fruit Cocktail - 106oz  (Sam's Club $6.48)
  • Cream of Mushroom Soup - 50oz (Smart & Final $4.19)
  • Cream of Chicken Soup - 50oz (Smart & Final $4.59)
  • Ranch Style Beans - 108oz (Smart & Final/Costco/Sam's Club $4.57)
  • Red or Green Enchilada Sauce - 6lb 6oz (Smart & Final $6.99)
  • Ranch or Italian Dressing (non-refrigerated) - 1 gal (Smart & Final/Costco/Sam's Club $6.98)
  • Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Mix - 58.4oz (Sam's Club $7.28)
  • 1 Gallon Tea Bags - 48 count (Sam's Club $10.57)
  • Prego Spaghetti Sauce - 4lb 3oz (Sam's Club $7.86)
  • La Romanella Fancy Pasta Sauce - 6 lb 9oz (Smart & Final $5.29)
  • First Street Pickle Relish - 1 gal (Smart & Final $7.29)
  • Members Mark Meat Hot Dog - 80 ct/10 lb (Sam's Club $16.98)
  • Ground Beef - 5 to 10 lb pkg

Disposables that we need:

  • Members Mark Forks and Knives - 600 count (Sam's Club $9.97)
  • Marathon Quarter Fold Napkins - 16 x 16 - 1500 per case (Sam's Club $15.88)
  • Members Mark Paper Towels - 15 rolls/pkg (Sam's Club $15.48)
  • Members Mark Hand Sanitizer - 67.6oz (Sam's Club $6.98)
  • Latex Fee Gloves - Sm/Med/Lg/XL - 100/box (Smart & Final $9.99)